TeenyB - The Bikini of Champions

INBF Tri-State Championships 2011 Results

Figure Results:
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Open Figure – Short Class

1st: Sara Hunt *
2nd: Wendy Spencer
3rd: Tina Maier
4th: Heather Cech
5th: Crystal Eddy
6th: Karen Gabbard
7th: Stephanie Hudson

Open Figure – Tall Class

1st: Tonia Ward
2nd: Jamison Bays
3rd: Constance Petot
4th: Summer Denny
5th: Amy Shaw

Novice Figure

1st: Lisa Steinman
2nd: Melanie Craft
3rd: Lisa Barefield
4th: Taylor Temnick
5th: Ginger Boone
6th: Jennifer Lykins

Masters Figure – Over 40

1st: Tina Maier
2nd: Karen Gabbard
3rd: Stephanie Hudson
4th: Beth Simpson

* Denotes WNBF Rookie Pro Card and Overall Winner